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Introducing Munro Leagues

This article was originally featured in the August Issue 2020 of Scottish Orienteering's Score Magazine - Read it Here

Munro Leagues, started as part of my Advanced Higher Computing project, it is a league results calculator. it calculates the overall results for a series of events, it is designed to be easy to use and require very little effort for league coordinators and event organisers to use. It is now hosting the results for several leagues across Scotland, including: the Sprintelope, Northern Night Cup, Fight with the Night leagues, with over 125 events and almost 5000 results in the system.

Munro makes viewing everything about a league easy, you can view all the events, dates, links to further event details and links to Routegadget and Winsplits to make sure you can find everything in one place. You can view results for all events and the overall results for the league, with options to sort and filter the results by name, club, age, time/ score allowing you to view any subset of results in what ever order you want. Munro is easy to use on the go, as well as looking good on all screen sizes; it has support for offline caching, so you can access the data even when you don't have a signal.

Original Deisgn for Munro
The Original Design from my Advanced Higher Project

When I had to originally decide on a project for Advanced Higher Computing, I originally had no idea what I wanted to do; but I had just finished calculating the results for the Sprintelope series using a spreadsheet. This took quite a while, as for each event I had to process the results file into something suitable to work with, update the formulas in Excel to cope with the new event and then match all the stray results which hadn't been matched properly (lots of people vary which name they enter under), before running a script to create a web-page to display the results in a friendly way. This process took time, by the end with practice I could process the results, if there wasn't a problem in roughly 25 minutes, but was sometimes taking over 50 minutes. As it was taking so long my dad suggested I could, write a league results calculator as part of my project.

To make it as easy as possible for everyone to use and to make the upload process take a matter of seconds, I had to make the results file upload as simple as possible, therefore it takes almost any CSV (any file with a sensible format should work), and has been tested with the exports from the main results software. It matches peoples results automatically, and can even match when people enter under with different details like variations in their name (e.g. Pete and Peter), and has a simple admin interface to fix it in seconds when it occasionally makes a mistake.

Later Design of Munro Displayed on Laptop and Mobile
A Later Redesign which Improved the usability on Mobile

Although I created it for my Advanced Higher project, I have continued to add features to it. Some features I have recently added include: assigning manual points for event organisers, including the ability for it to give the organiser either their average score for the league or their maximum score they achieved at any event (as used in the Northern Night Cup) and a range of different scoring systems, including SOL style points, using points from a score race, and assigning double points to races.

This summer I have also made further enhancements to allow you to manage "virtual" leagues using Munro, such as the (not) Sprintelope league in Edinburgh, where an event gets uploaded to MapRun each week. I have just added a way to import the results directly from MapRun, it reads the results file directly so there is no hassle with downloading and uploading files. There is also now a form for people to submit their result for automatic inclusion in the results if they didn't want to use MapRun.

Latest Design of Munro Displayed on Laptop and Mobile
The Current Design

For those interested in the technical details of Munro is a VueJS web app, querying a Python Flask API and the full source code is available on my GitHub at:

Munro is still in development and if you have any feedback or questions about Munro, please feel free to email me at: