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Munro is Open Source! All the Code is Available on Github


All leagues, events, and results are able to be accessed through Munro's API to allow you to create your own applications/ statistics based on the data in Munro. Full Swagger documentation is available to view here . (You may need to do a hard refresh to view the page)

Alternatively a summary of the main API routes are available below.

Basic Overview of API Methods

The event id is made by combining the league name, event name and date and removing all spaces, it is available for the league admin to view. Dates are in the form YYYY-MM-DD

  • /api/leagues

    List of all the leagues and their details

  • /api/leagues/{ LEAGUE NAME }

    Details of a specific league

  • /api/leagues/{ LEAGUE NAME }/events

    Events from a specific league

  • /api/leagues/{ LEAGUE NAME }/results/{ COURSE }

    The overall league standings for a given course and league

  • /api/events

    List of all events

  • /api/events/{ EVENT ID }

    Details of a specific event

  • /api/events/{ EVENT ID }/results

    Results from a specific event

  • /api/events/latest-results

    The latest events with results

  • /api/competitors

    List of all the competitors

  • /api/competitors/{ COMPETITOR ID }

    A specific competitors details

  • /api/competitors/{ COMPETITOR ID }/results

    All the events of a specific competitor

  • /api/results

    All results


Currently there are two pages designed for embedding in Iframes. Place in an iFrame like:

<iframe src=" 2018/events"></iframe>
  • /embed/leagues/{ LEAGUE NAME }/events

    Contains a list of all events in the league and links to the results

  • /embed/leagues/{ LEAGUE NAME }/results/{ COURSE }

    Contains the league standings for that course


The colour theme of the embed can be changed to match your sites colour theme, by adding a theme parameter to the URL.

The following themes are available:

  • purple
  • blue
  • green
  • red
  • orange
  • cyan
  • pink
  • gray

For example to view a red theme:

<iframe src=" 2018/events?theme=red"></iframe>

Preview Themes