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Fight with the Night 20-21

Whinny Hill


1Mary Ross INT23:38
2Ann Haley INT28:13
3Mark Haley INT32:58
4Sam Bartlett 44:15
5Freya Mowbray 46:34
6Roger ScruttonM70   ESOC47:35
7Eilidh MowbrayW12   INT49:47
8Hannah GrimmelW21   55:44
9Robbie Ingram 56:28
10Claire BlackW21   58:26
11Juliet Downs 65:25
11Áine HeffernanW21   EUOC65:25
-Rachel FawthropW55   ESOC33:13
-Ortrud Lane 38:06
-Tricia AlstonW55   INT38:09
-Owen Gibson 95:54
-Olivia Chappell 95:55
1Claire WardW40   INT51:03
2Louise AdamsW21   EUOC56:02
3Thomas BrownsortM20   ELO63:47
4Peter BrownsortM60   ELO72:01
5Andrew Hine 80:30
6Tom Rademaker 83:04
7Donald Slater 87:48
7Terry Johnstone ESOC87:48
9James FathersM21   ESOC89:59
10Lucy Clarke 92:44
11Oli Warlow 96:27
12Ortrud Lane 99:29
13David Lane 125:51
-Alistair BlackM21  
-Silje SolevagW21   EUOC36:29