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Welsh League 2023

For Welsh people. Events are open to everyone - come and enjoy our sand dunes, spoil tips, open fell and delightful woodland!

Coordinated by Richard Cronin

Time Relative to Winner System (Adjusted by Course/Age Class - Welsh Multipliers)

All events points count

Eligibility for any prize is restricted to members of the Welsh Orienteering Association (either directly through a Welsh club, or with the association as an “expat”) - this will be cross-referenced in October 2023. 2022 events will NOT count for the league - the two events are shown to demonstrate how the tables work and will be removed after 2023 results begin to be uploaded.

League Results


Dare Valley Park


Organised by South Wales Orienteering Club

Midsummer on Gower


Organised by Swansea Bay Orienteering Club