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Upload Instructions

  1. Go to Empty Upload Form
  2. Enter the Event ID and the 20 digit Upload Key Provided

    The event name should now be displayed.

    The Event ID will be the the form EventName-YYYY-MM-DD with all spaces removed.

    You can get the Event ID and Upload Key from your league coordinator or by emailing

    Upload Form with Event ID and Upload Key Included
  3. Select Your Results File

    Munro accepts any CSV results file in a sensible format, it has been tested with OE CSV files and SITiming Processable CSV files.

    It can be semicolon or comma delimited and should have the following headings (they can be in any order):

    Name; Age Class; Club; Course; Time; Position; NonCompetitive; Status;

    Age Class, Club, Position and NonCompetitive are optional, but are highly recommended to make sure the matching is done correctly

    You can also upload IOF 3.0 XML files, and HTML results from SiTiming.

  4. Enter Other Results Information

    Enter the URLs of the Results Uploaded on Other Websites eg. HTML Results/ Routegadget/ Winsplits.

    If you forget, or need to change these URLs please contact your league admin or who can update them

    Upload Form with Completed with Upload Button Showing
  5. Confirm if Replacing Results

    If results already exist a 'Overwrite Existing Results' checkbox will appear, to confirm you wish to replace the exisiting results, tick the box

  6. Click `Upload File`

    A message should appear saying that the data has been sent. Then a message saying that the results upload is successful should appear and you will be redirected to the results table

If you need any help or wish to upload results in a different format please contact me at: